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2 YEARS Anniversary Group Exhibit

  • Stay Gallery 11140 Downey Ave Downey, CA, 90241 United States (map)

Cartozian Associates presents 2 YEARS, our anniversary group exhibit featuring the best artists that have exhibited their work on our walls since we first opened.

Supported by:
- Law Offices of Blanca Pacheco 
- Financial Partners Credit Union

Exhibit runs October 10 - 25

Featured Artists

Cindy Macias - Photographer

Downey & Warren Annual Photography Exhibit
June,  2014

"Recently graduated from Downey High, photography and my teachers have taught me that you can't expect anything to go your way; just put your all into what you're doing. Whether or not I am recognized for what I do, I always strive to become a better person (and photographer). I am still learning about myself and still figuring out who I am and what my purpose in life is."

Ricky Ostendi - Painter

For The Love of eARTh
September,  2014

"Full time designer, full time father, and a full time husband. I have been designing since middle school, and I turned my passion for art into a design career. I create paintings that express the mood I'm in by using vibrant colors and images. It's therapeutic. I also used to be a professional Salsa Dancer. Oh man, I can't believe I just said that."

Made Rindu - Painter/Illustrator

March - April, 2013

"Stay focused. Stay hungry. Stay willing to sacrifice all you got for what you love! I am growing dreadlocks as a symbol of commitment and growth to my own peace and happiness."

Sergio Robleto - Painter

December, 2013

"Virtue, carnal evanescence, coalesced organisms, didactic propaganda, illuminations, and the amalgamation of various artistic techniques compose a majority of the works I create.

Most people are actually surprised by the fact that I am an artist."

Don Lamkin - Artist

December, 2013

"I recently retired after a great 30 year career as a Firefighter. I'm a bit of a motorcycle fanatic and currently race in the Thruxton T/A National Roadrace Series. I am also a hockey player and fan. Go Kings Go! I've dabbled a bit in design and art my entire life but only in the last couple of years have I shown my work in public. I am truly surprised and humbled at the favorable response to my art stuff."

Cristian Castro - Metal Sculptor

October, 2013

"The art I do is something that has come to me since I was a kid. Each time I had the opportunity to play with a robot, it was always plastic and lightweight. And I thought, ‘why? A robot must be metal!’. When I got older, I decided to make my own robots, my own toys! From this, I realized I could also inspire people, especially children, to expand their imagination with common items they’d find in their homes!"

Rita Labib - Photographer

April, 2014

"I love the fact that I can imagine something, and with the help and collaboration of other artists, I am able to create photographs that express myself and my beliefs. Art is a universal language I use to communicate with the whole world even though we speak in different tongues."

Julian Keith - Painter

May, 2014

"Creativity is something that you're born with, but it always needs to be nourished in order to come into full form and reach it's fullest potential. It is key to break and bend rules in this process. Question everything visually rather than verbally. Create for yourself and always stay true to what you believe in.

Stay Gallery is bringing art to Downey in style. Here's to many more years, Stay Gallery!"

Victor Koast - Illustrator

August, 2014

"Expect to lose sleep and sacrifice EVERYTHING you have if you plan to be the best at what ever you're passionate about. Everybody wants to become a "positive" example of how to live a successful life, but nobody wants to work for it. This mentality and mind set is what sets everybody apart. In time, your hard work will come back full circle and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. Good Karma... You just gotta work for it."

Lavine Linarez - Painter

December, 2013

“I grew up in Downey and graduated from Warren High where I was introduced to photography, art, and writing clubs. I think it was safer for everyone that way.

As a CalArts Graduate, I learned to express my sense of self in many ways. It’s amazing knowing there is a place to show my work, meet and collaborate with other artists or have a place where one could just enjoy something new within walking distance from work and home.”

Zachary Aronson - Pyrographer

February 2014

"In my practice, I use a torch to effectively draw with fire, creating what I refer to as pyrographs. I look at my artistic practice as a collaboration with nature, altering the materials I present myself with fire, instilling new purpose and identity by transforming wood to ash in the fusion of fire and earth."

Mike Ferguson - Illustrator

May, 2014

"I have never been more proud of a single body of my work than I was of the pieces I had the honor to exhibit at Stay Gallery! My solo show at Stay in May of 2014 was the high point of my career as an artist to date. They encouraged me to push the boundaries and it paid off in spades!"

David Layton - Painter

March, 2014

"I honed my skills in art at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. My work explores many of the technological aspects of our world, I seek perspectives that force the viewer to look at the familiar in a new, often disorienting way.

Music is very important to me; I've been an avid piano player for the last eight years, and I always need to listen to music when painting in order to focus and keep sane."

Rocio Villalobos - Illustrator

Art of Rancho Group Exhibit
November, 2013

"... I would never walk again. For many years, I saw my wheelchair as a barrier, I was just spinning in the same place again and again. When I was 18, I moved to Los Angeles because I needed surgery. I spent 3 months in the hospital. I was there when the hospital staff had an art program. I wasn't looking for art, but art found me. I was introduced to art as a rehabilitation, and since those days, I skipped some pages of the book that started with a "this is a story about a sad girl..." and instead, I found the page where the beginning was a story of a girl, grateful to be alive, and thirsty to see all the beautiful ways in which life is manifested. Now, I just add the marks of my best brushes (my wheels) dancing through the pages, letting the flow of the watercolor go.

There is plenty of paper. I call this paper the dance floor."

Bob Thomson & Larry Latimer - Downey Historical Society

THE AVENUE Historical Exhibit
August, 2014


Alex Venegas - Teacher @ Old River Elementary

June, 2014

"Last year, I was approached by my co-worker, Julia DeLeon, with an idea to start an art club at my school site, Old River Elementary School. I thought it would be fun and a great way to teach art to students. This simple idea has grown into something that has been great for the student artists at Old River, and a great connection to the community and the city of Downey.

Do not under estimate the abilities of a child!"

Stay Gallery Team

Valentin Flores - Photographer

Executive Director @ Stay Gallery

"I don't really consider myself an artist, but a creative. Stay Gallery has taught me that true creativity comes from the implementation of ideas through collaborative efforts. Nothing worth doing is truly done alone. It has taught me that a space could be a canvas with innovative people being the ones that paint the creative spirit of a community.

I genuinely believe that we have only scratched the surface of what we could do for this community. I want to dedicate the beginning of my career to creating a true and unique sense of place where people could live, work, and play within Downey."

Gabriel Enamorado - Photographer/Designer

Creative Director @ Stay Gallery

"I had no end goal. All I knew was that I loved painting, I loved navigating through Los Angeles at night with my camera, and I loved designing beautiful things with my mouse and keyboard. The obsession to create has plagued me, destroyed me, rebuilt me, and brought me back to life - all at the same time. Over and over again.

My involvement in Stay Gallery has helped me realize that there are things much more rewarding in life than doings things for your own benefit. Seeing the way this place, this idea, has impacted so many lives of every age, color, race, is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced."

Gary Guido - Filmmaker

Production & Media Manager @ Stay Gallery

"As a filmmaker and storyteller, I want to travel the world and document it by being the voice of the unheard and motivate others to try new things without worrying of failure.

Stay Gallery opened the doors for me to begin following my dreams. It granted me the opportunity to tell stories of individuals in our community, in hopes of leaving an imprint that will motivate and inspire others."

Ana Godinez - Painter

Curator/Youth Program Coordinator @ Stay Gallery

"Stay Gallery has allowed me to combine by two biggest passions: art and teaching. This space led to my growth as an artist and an educator; giving me freedom to explore through interaction with countless artists, and develop and carry out programs geared towards art education. Stay Gallery has inspired me to continue painting, and has definitely had an impact on my personal growth as well."

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