Toxicity by Germizm


Through the end of this week, Germizm’s POP art mixed media series ‘Toxicity’ will bring color to Stay Gallery’s walls.

The East Los Angeles born graphic designer/artist has his fair share of credits to his name, including a successful career in graphic design, a series of solo exhibitions at different venues, and a group exhibition with Boy George and Richard Duardo at SHAG in Palm Springs. Germizm discovered the gallery through its online presence, citing colleagues who had previously shown at Stay as well as Stay’s Instagram, @staygallery.

The artist describes this particular body of work as “very personal” and indicative of a period of change within his personal life.

“The reason I called [this body of work] ‘Toxicity’ was because of all the toxicity and negativity in my life last year,” Germism explains, “So with me getting over this creative rut, I felt mind was really clear and focused on developing and just going forward and leaving all negativity behind.”

Although the breadth of Germizm’s experience is impressive, he says that the common thread linking each bullet point of his resume is, “making something out of nothing.”

Germizm “fell in love with graffiti” at a young age, beginning as a street artist with the tag GERM*ONE in his teenage years and early twenties. He later achieved major successes in the apparel and screen printing industries.

“I didn’t go to school for graphics or anything,” Germizm says, “I just taught myself graphics and now that’s what I do as my career. I didn’t go to school for art...I kind of just taught myself. I didn’t know where this was going to take me, it’s just something I had interest in and I decided to pursue it.”

Germizm hopes that his story shows that “anyone can do it [even] without a proper education...where there’s a will there’s a way. If you have a passion for it, go after it and do it.”