Made Rindu

Made Rindu is a painter and illustrator from Downey, CA. He became interested in art at a really young age and began taking as many art classes as he could to learn about new techniques in drawing. Made was introduced to the style and art form of graffiti which allowed him to experiment with lettering, proportions, compositions, style, and color combinations. This introduction interested him so much that it is still prominent in his work today. During his senior year in high school, Made participated in the 13th Annual Art Competition where he took 3rd place out of hundreds of applicants, and was given a scholarship to continue pursuing art after graduating. Today Made continues to study art in Long Beach to improve his craft.


March 22 - April, 2013

Available Artworks 

48" x 36" - Acrylic and ink on canvas 

Laugh a Little 
48" x 36" - Acrylic and ink on canvas

Santa's Helper

Hungry Hungry Herbert 

Hands Free

Blanka Pizza Munch 

Kirby Pizza Slice 

Goku Super Saiyan 


Red Balloon