A day for kids to experience the future of education through engaging activities and interactive demonstrations.

STEAM is an approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

The second annual STEAM Festival is made possible through local partners and collaborators who believe that our kids deserve the best. The world is evolving at a rapid pace, and the STEAM Festival brings to light the possibilities that our children's education can have in the near future. A special thanks to Downey Unified's STEAM 15, Downey and Warren Engineering Departments, Stauffer Middle School, and all the teachers, students, and volunteers who are making it a reality.

The festival is free. To participate, please register below.


Upon entrance into the festival, all participants will receive a pamphlet with an Activity Checklist. After participating in each activity, one of the STEAM volunteers will stamp off the activity on the checklist. Complete them all to get a bag of goodies!

All activities are composed of one of three varieties:

  • Challenge: An activity where participants are required to solve a STEAM-related problem
  • Makerspace: An activity designed to allow for endless creativity and possibility
  • The Art Of: An activity where learning is done through observation

Makerspace: Catapult

Downey High School students will demonstrate how catapults work, then guide participants on building their own take-home catapult, and launch them, too!

Makerspace: Parachute

Using everyday items such as paper bags, strawberry baskets, and plastic wrap, participants will make and test parachutes using a box fan wind tunnel.


In conjunction with the National Science Academy and Science Entertainment Exchange, participants will be immersed in a story-based engineering challenge to get a Condor Egg to safety.


Kids will be learning  designing their own patterns that will later be stitched into a quilt that will be on display at the Downey Unified School District office.

The Art of Music

Participants will be encouraged to perform live music in order to expose them to the tremendous amount of music that can be created, and how truly accessible it can be.

Challenge: App Design

Participants will discover the principles of this fast growing field by focusing on creativity and an iterative design process as they create their own basic app using the MIT App Inventor.


Participants will be tasked with creating a structure using everyday items that allows an egg to survive a leap from Downey Federal Credit Union's balcony.

The Art of Murals

Utilizing a collaborative process between the participants and Downey & Warren High students, we will create a beautiful mural representing the many facets of STEAM.

Makerspace: Paint & Darts

Participants will create their very own darts and throw them at a canvas wall filled with paint balloons!

The Art of 3D Printing

Participants will have the chance to learn about 3D Printing, and will have the opportunity to create their own interesting forms.

The Art of Drones

Participants will learn about filming and flying with drone cameras.

Makerspace: Airplane Gliders

How far can your glider go? Participants will build their very own gliders utilizing special techniques, ultimately learning about how flight works.

Makerspace: Scribble Bots

Participants will be given materials to create their own art-making robot! Learn about the design process in a fun, hands-on activity and see what type of artwork your robot creates.


Participants will get to see the fun and excitement that comes along with building your own robots and competing them! The FRC team will have actual matches with other FRC teams from California.

Makerspace: Circuits

Participants will be given materials to create their own circuit with LED lights, and ultimately learn about circuits and how they work. 

The ARt of VEX Legos

Learn from Warren High Robotics Club members about their exciting experiences with VEX Robotics, a program that inspires thousands of students worldwide to pursue STEM-related education and career paths. You will see and play with robots, demo Lego Mindstorm bots, and learn how they are made.


How far can your rocket fly? Participants will be given materials to create their own stomp rockets that will be launched into the air!

The art of pitsco rockets

Kids will grasp a variety of physics concepts about force, motion, and gravity, while making simple straw rockets.

the art of construction

Students from the Warren Construction Technology class will explore electricity and build different shapes using construction tools.


The Greek Festival is a festival that occurs annually on the first weekend of June at the Greek Orthodox Church, just a few blocks away from the STEAM Festival. Stop by their booth to pick up your free admission ticket and try some tasty pastries. 

STEAM Festival Sponsorships

If you are interested in supporting STEAM education, please consider sponsoring this annual festival!